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Ken Smith

Farmer, Owner

This is farm is run by myself, a combat veteran of 24 years and then I had a second career as an Edmonton paramedic for 9 years. I worked primarily in the Metro Zone with the homeless and unfortunate citizens on the streets.  Since retiring from service and as a first responder, Rojo Poquito farm was born.  It has primarily been focused on egg production where we started out by delivering eggs to the locals in Parkland County when COVID hit and everyone was in lockdown. Delivery was and still is free and a fixed price so all community members can have fresh eggs.  Farming made me feel like I was giving back again to the public, like I had done the 33 years prior to becoming a farmer. So I just kept going - every Sunday - I am still delivering and I love it. Now my farm has grown and I am pretty close to 200 laying hens.  

I do all this on my Canadian Forces Pension and the small salary my wife makes in the private education workforce.   She will be retiring in June to help full time on our growing farm.

Thank you for considering my request.  I hope we can partner together to increase the sustainability of both of our industries, which will also allow me to continue serving our rural communities.


Michelle Smith

Farmer, Owner

Michelle Smith, Ken's wife, has been a part of Rojo Poquito Farm since the very start, taking care of business and making sure things are running properly at the farm. Being a Farmer is extremely difficult, but together Michelle & Ken Smith makes it seem easy.



Attentive Roo's

Maverick is our number 1 rooster with a hatch rate above 85%.  Strong, loving, attentive and friendly - he's sired many beautiful healthy chicks, as well as his son, Blue.



Attentive Roo

Blue is a Bantom Roo; and a very loving, attentive Rooster to his many flocks.  Bjorn also has above an 85% hatching rate with his chicks.


The Hens

Featuring just a few of many

With the hens at 200 and growing; we have a beautiful flock of Barnyard mixes,  ISA Browns, Bantoms, Silkies, Easter Egger's, Americano's and more.  Come to the farm to see our beautiful girls!  Organic, free range and hormone free.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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